Spotted: Mazda SUV Concept

While shoveling snow I came across this Mazda SUV concept. Cleverly hidden underneath a 'thin' layer of snow, could this be the production version of the Mazda MX Crossport? Wiping the snow off the car made me feel like one of those clay model guys who work on all the concept cars. Except not as skilled...

This weekend's snow storm is the largest for a decade. The last time something this big hit was back in 1996. Oh yes, still remember those days of digging out of the snow, then going into practice for some more sweating.

Okay this was a lame post, but the others below I guess are a bit more creative. To make up for it, check out this video Mike sent me. For those of you who loved the Matrix Ping Pong, you'll get a kick out of this Kung Fu version. Not as well done as Ping Pong, but good enough to warrant a mention.

Oh and a transformer sent to me by Mass.