Rugby, proverb and 80s goodness!
This post is largely attributed to Chocolate. He sent me three haka performances last night and one that will really catch your attention is this first one. It features the All Blacks executing their traditional pre-game haka dance and for the first time for me, the opposing team does a pre-game dance as well, the Tongan's kailao. The second and third video features the All Blacks only.

Earlier in the week, Jen told me of her weekend of snowboarding, chasing storms. In her tale she told me of the following proverbs.
“Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning." Though it isn't exactly true, it sounds like something cool to dazzle your friends with on the slopes. GBG, prepare to be dazzled!

Other than that, these next two should be going on the design blog but I haven't been able to focus on it lately. Sick optical illusions painted onto the walls. And this comic had me CRACKING UP at work on Tuesday. SO GOOD.

And it looks like I'm going with the sectional, will decide tomorrow morning on the color, sandy brown, gray or dark slate gray. Someone made a remark that it looked like something IKEA carries which almost killed it for me. Not that there's anything wrong with IKEA couches...
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yo, I just remembered, Inara is on The OC now hahahah


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