Glad to see that Keenan hasn't changed a bit. Flipped on the tube earlier tonight and happened to come across the Livingston vs. Mt. Olive match. Looks like the team is on its way up from last year's 'rebuilding' year, breaking into the Top 20 again. In one particular sequence where they cut over to Keenan, I saw some other coach next to him, took me a while to realize that it was Trabucco. Not because of the beard or the extra weight, but because he was wearing a suit. If my cardio was a bit better I'd consider stopping by during a day off to roll on the mats, but in my current shape, those kids would stomp me into the ground.

Another Potato head to add to the collection (still need to grab the Spud Trooper too), thanks to Tomo for finding this R2-Potatoo. Doesn't look as if they put as much thought into it than the previous two, Darth Tater and Spud Trooper and since we couldn't find it on the Hasbro site, we were wondering if it was indeed a Hasbro product. Still have half a year to wait until it's released.

Update: Lancer Wrestling moves up to #17! " Sean Robertson (135) won a title and the team captured its eighth championship in 10 years at the Essex County Tournament."

Update 2: Wow, just read that Donny D is a coach at New Providence. Kinda crazy how everyone I knew that wrestled back then are coaching now. He was a state champ in 99 and runner up during the previous years. Always gave Trabucco and our four horsemen a good time during our scrimmages. Dude was double jointed in his shoulders so you know how much fun we had trying to put arm bars on him.