If Gladiator II personalized his own Mazda6

I had to go through a lot of Google searches to find this guy. I remember how he looked but had no idea what his name was. I kept thinking 'Centurion', anyway when i was getting the snow off the car what remained at this point looked like a mohawk. So off I went on Google, first looking up Centurion, then Starjammers, followed by Shi'ar and finally I arrived at the alien race named Kree, which this character Gladiator II is. He's part of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard (as in, he's a total badass).
At 9:31 PM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

some say indulging yourself in the world of comic books is a waste of time. i, on the other hand, say that it's an incredible, waste of time. haha, jk man.


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