I bet your dorm isn't on television

Blah blah blah, just another commercial about kids with asthma. There's Bettis, and a kid that really looks like he's from Pittsburgh (he just looks like a yinzer). The entire time I'm watching the commercial, I'm wondering why Sergio sent it to me. Then BAM, noticed the background. That's West Wing and Resnik! My stomping grounds for three years (one year with Sergio) before moving into Boss and McGill to take up that RA position. Yup that's right, got into the best dorms on campus as a freshman. Equipped with AC, our own living room and bathroom. Hate me. As Elmo stated, this is the proudest moment of my life. Jake was there when they were filming it, tried getting Bettis to sign his terrible towel but the man left.
At 12:04 PM, Blogger Jake said...

West Wing Son, But this ad irritates me as much as it makes me laugh uncontrolably. I wonder why all these kids are playing on turf. is that common now days, elemetry schools haveing turf fields and a stadium setup?


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