Thanks Jane!
Since Jane was so busy knitting that scarf for Jason, she went out and got me the Scrollbar scarf by Matt Gilbert. Not that I'm bemoaning the fact that Jason is obviously higher on her friend list, I won out in the end. I win.

The ultimate in chic geek fashion, this analog hand-crocheted scarf features a repositionable scroller and comes in a variety of colors. Now all I have to do is purchase this badass 'blue' LED name tag (because red just won't do) and I'm going to knock them dead (the ladies that is). That's right everyone, better lock up your girlfriends because once I walk into the room with these two items on me, man oh man, I'm going to need a force-field to keep them off me. -Geek pimpin
At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ultimate fashion, although the blazer/sportscoat thing is actually nice

At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I go boarding every weekend, have you been going this season? We're doing another trip this weekend, either to Mtn.Creek or Hunter..you should come! We got a lot better so you wont have to wait (as much) as before. Hehe. Call me, Vince or Mel for details.


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