Sunday: Giants vs. Panthers, row 25!
So... what are yooouuuu guys doing over the weekend? I'd figure I'd drive over to the Meadowlands, stroll through the parking lot and you know... sit my fat ass on seat 19, 25 rows back from the field. Maybe catch some rays and yeah, watch my GIANTS in the first round of the playoffs!

Aren't they sexy? Got these two sweet tickets through Christian (SASI's CIO). Last month I was pretty bummed out when Corwin offered me luxury suite tickets for the last Monday Night Football game on ABC (Patriots vs. Jets) and I had to turn them down because I was heading up to Killington. Thought I had just missed my only opportunity to score tickets to a football game this season.

If you recall, last year Cathy hooked me up with tickets to the Steelers vs. Giants game which turned out to be much fun. What a way to begin the game with a kickoff return for a touchdown! Though Big Blue eventually lost, no one expected them to put on such a good show.

But anyway, what good fortune no? And that's about it, I don't know what else to gloat about. The second ticket was supposed to go to Jammer since I mistakenly failed to offer one of the three tickets last year to her. But since she's too busy, my brother will be attending with me.

Speaking of the Jammer, last night she made me buy dinner in midtown. Oh the horror! I spent over $25, 8x the amount I usually spend in Chinatown. Had a chicken/mango dish, chicken/corn soup and the only good part of the meal, three coconut cakes which came in these awesome dishes! I had a hard time eating the chicken/mango meal until it cooled off and the mangos tasted like mangos again. But I guess these dishes will come into use sometime in the future.
At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're a bitch. seriously. but i only say that cuz i'm so damn jealous. i don't even know if the steelers game is being broadcast where i can watch it here, which sucks... i hope it is.

wanna see a crazy fan? check out:

have fun!


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