Soup Nazi, ridiculous prices...

A quick update to literally rid the taste of the Giants' loss. Today I got some soup from none other than the Soup Nazi, so famously portrayed on Seinfeld. Last year he shut down his original location and began opening franchises. The one I grabbed the lobster bisque from today was near Bryant Park. Sounded like a great idea until I realized the soup was over $11. OUCH. Heh, thanks to the Lady Boy for paying.

Update: Forgot to mention that I've gone from my Lennon period to Andrea Bocelli. Listened to his albums all day today, after a brief stop over with Eric Johnson that is.

Also, check this out, Leno Universal Free Photo, Jason sent it to me, and our comments? Freaking Asians making us look bad. Damnit, watch it all the way to the end and you'll see.