The season, I believe is in full swing! Now for new gear...
My first day at Mountain Creek a few weeks back was so-so, but yesterday's riding was pretty spectacular, how fortunate to have flurries come down on us as we boarded (freaking Jane, speed demon and I'm glad my sister is becoming a fast learner on the slopes). Couple that with the three days in Killington (not so great conditions with the rain and ice, but great trails) and I finally feel that the season is upon us. Let's see how much Kevin and Joyce remember from last season.

And as with every season, the spending begins though it seems like my spending began a month later than last year. With everyone ragging on my K2 jacket (this one here, different color) that is much too large for me I decided to go ahead and purchase a new one. But for the record, getting that jacket, new for ~$19 shipped was an INSANE deal (MSRP $360). Well at least my brother can benefit from my deal hunting prowess.

Mike was pitching the 686 Smarty line at me, but I couldn't find any decent deals on them. So while looking through eBay I came across this auction for the Burton Ronin Espionage jacket (silver/true black). Saw it in the Burton catalog while in the cabin up in Vermont and thought charging $500 for a jacket that included a stupid digital camera was outrageous. But I couldn't resist the starting bid of $250, half the price of the MSRP! So yesterday before leaving for boarding, I put in a bid of $275.50 for the hell of it, enough to outdo the previous bidder. 20,000MM of waterproofing and 8,000G of breathability. Jen's going to love this since she's a Burton nut.

Next order of business? New cap straps! The Ride Team bindings aren't padded much, and since my boots are the low profile ones with even less padding, my toes/feet always end up losing all feeling because of the pinch. The Technine Baltimore cap strap solo kits (white) are going for only $30 on eBay, but before I commit I'm waiting for confirmation that it'll work with my bindings. The problem is, the rubber portion of my bindings where my toes go overlap onto the outside of the binding. This prevents any strap from rotating fully down towards the front of the toes without cutting out the overhanging rubber portions.

Interesting note on cap straps, Burton owns the patent, but Technine has rights to it as well. Both of them came up with the idea at the same time. So until the patent expires, we won't be seeing any similar straps coming from Ride or any other company. Ride does have some 'convertible cap/toe strap'. And what luck, with not much changing between 2004 and 2005 for my bindings, a year after I purchase mine, major modifications are made to lighten them.
At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

after all the grief you guys gave me about spending too much on gear...where are you on totals now, hmmm??? you ebay whore.
yay for smart shoppers! (pat myself on the back)

At 8:11 PM, Blogger snootchy said...

blah blah blah, we all spent a hefty sum! good buy btw dc!


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