Pendulumistic game
I cried, I laughed, I bitch slapped my brother many times. Today's Steelers / Colts game was the most pendulumistic game I've seen in a while (you like that word don't you, I'm working on becoming a word connieusseur). Steelers dominated until late in the second half when momentum started swinging back and forth. When Bettis fumbled that ball I went ape-shit and started slapping my brother repeatedly. Thankfully Roethlisberger saved them, tripping up Harper. If there was ever a game for someone new to the game to start off on, this would have been it. Steelers all the way!

Anyone catch the new McDonald's commercial for the 6 nuggets for a dollar? That could have been me standing there. Description: a guy stands in front of a McDonald's counter, you hear his internal dialogue, egging the McDonald's employee on as he moves the 6 nuggets menu item, from it's normal location to the dollar menu. I understand his excitement. Until the end of the month? I need to find a McDonald's in my area with a dollar menu. Sweet succulent nuggets. All six of them. Mmmmmmmmm. You know what I miss? The 20 nuggets for $2.99. Oh man what a deal!

Update: I knew it! Polamalu should have had that interception. If you think about it, had he caught the ball and just stayed on the ground instead of getting up and trying to gain some yards, the play would have been an interception, not a dropped ball. Regardless, Steelers still won!
At 6:01 AM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

man, that deal is gonna be sweet. not much of a fan of fast food, but i'm alwayd down for saving money for lunch.. $3 for 18nuggets... drool.


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