A one time commute...
Had to wake up a little earlier than usual today to get on over to the condo to wait for my bedroom furniture to be delivered. Crate and Barrel's customer service is pretty nice. They called me at around 6am to let me know they were going to be there in an hour. And an hour it was. They arrived on the dot and quickly moved my boxed furniture into the master bedroom. Afterwards I walked down Fulton Street to grab a cheesecake for some special visitors and then hopped on the B train to work. Made it on time too!

Walking out the front door of the building and into the courtyard. Many a snow forts were built at this very location. We also used to play the Red Light/Green Light game down here.

Around the courtyard to the gate. We used to always cut across the grass to avoid walking around the lawn. They have a sign up there now asking people to not walk on the grass.

Corner of Fulton and Adelphi, that football field wasn't there during my first stint in Brooklyn, but I'm down for watching some high school games. The new Nets Arena should be a block down from here.

Looking down Fulton Street towards Downtown Brooklyn. That's the Williamsburg Savings Bank in the distance, the tallest structure in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) is located right next to the bank, which also happens to be nearby the Atlantic Center.

The small triangle park, much improved over the years. People used to sell drugs here, and there were broken bottles everywhere. I popped my first bicycle tire in this park rolling over broken glass.

S. Portland Avenue (I think) this is the street we'll all be taking to get to the Atlantic-Pacific subway station.

Further down Fulton Street by the A,C,E stop, I never noticed the solar panels before. This is some outdoor eatery, just because they have the solar panels, I'll be stopping by one day when they reopen.

Looking left on Fulton Street to the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

707 Fulton Street, my second place of residence fresh from living on the edge of Chinatown. This building was the reason I got into architecture. My father used to take me to the construction site all the time when they were building it.

Front door of the building, I never noticed that lamp fixture before!

Off of Fulton Street, some of my favorite graffiti. Can NEVER go wrong with the Voltron force!

And I'll form the head! The yellow lion was always my favorite.

Those are some big windows in that building.

Entrance to the Fulton Street Mall. Standing right next to McDonald's. Make a right here on DeKalb, takes you to Downtown Brooklyn/Brooklyn Heights and straight onto the Manhattan Bridge.

Damnit, no $1 menu during breakfast hours. Was going to grab a few dollars worth of nuggets for lunch!

No lawsuit yet? That's a very familiar color scheme, right across from McDonald's.

The very famous Juniors. I don't like cheesecake, my loss. But I did buy one for the two visiting clients. Last night at Churrascaria Plataforma, our clients were going to order some cheesecake for dessert, but I convinced them to wait for Juniors this morning. Did not realize they were so expensive! Nothing but the best for the people that pay my salary!

The DeKalb Avenue station... off to work!
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