Giants vs. Panthers; G-Men forgot to show
Of the two games I've attended, my Giants lost both. Last year, when they played the Steelers, they at least kept it close and exciting. And they lost to the Steelers because Pittsburgh was the better team. Today's game? I think Big Blue forgot to show up. Actually, the offensive line forgot to show up and every back on the Panthers was apparently greased up. As Gerdy would say, "Might as well point the linemen's ass towards the line of scrimmage, since they spend so much time in the backfield."

Heh, just remembered, rather than tailgating my brother and I packed an entire box of oatmeal raisin cookies in our pockets. Sitting there in the cars watching the other fans grilling their pounds of meat, my brother and I started cracking up as we pulled another cookie out of our pockets. While in the middle of the game, people around us were chomping down on the hot dogs, and again we were just munching on the cookies. Next time I'm going to bring milk too and have a real feast.