Ever notice when you walk through the fog at night, things seem to be a lot clearer than what you first perceive? We are so preoccupied with being able to see into the distance that we don't pay attention to the elements in the foreground.

Personally I'm trained to see the objects for themselves, allowing the mind to seek out the details and textures, filling in the gaps when necessary. According to my drawing professors back at Carnegie Mellon, my process was... deficient. They gave me exercise after exercise to try to teach me to 'build' my drawings, or to draw the negative space instead of what my mind thought the object should look like. I wasn't open minded enough to accept it. Why start from zero when I already knew how to draw? Shi' they better respect my '2 out of 5' in AP Art.

Anyway as I walked home last night from the bus stop (heh typed 'bust' by accident, woo-wee my mind's in the gutter), it was very foggy out. I love that, even though I'm not a fan of humidity. Fog smells like a humidifier (duh) which I used to love sitting in front of and just inhaling. My god I'm a humidifier junkie. Gotta pick me up one of those! Nature, using fog, does a great job of shrouding everything and making you focus on the elements in the foreground, and not just on the trees or houses, but the overall forms. It's striking.

Then Jammer has to one up me with just one statement. "I liken fog to be like walking through clouds. Sometimes heaven on earth isn't so bad." Foiled again...
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very nice.


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