Corwin owes me five smackaroos!

Say hello to... er... Master lock. Forgot to bring my key card to work today, so if I were to go to the gym, I would need to bring everything with me and stuff it in a locker. Otherwise I usually change at work, workout and then come back here to grab my belongings. Got this lock from Corwin, he didn't know the combination, so after Mark sent me a link to Hackaday where they posted how you could figure out the combination, I made a bet with Corwin that I'd get it open. The paper you see under it is my 'work' in arriving at the correct combination. I was lucky considering I didn't have to go through all the combinations... after about 70 or 80 combinations I arrived at the right one. The last number was lucky number 8! One Master Lock and $5 richer!
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Dunno if u've seen this, but it's coooooooollllllll


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this is neat too:

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whattup darren. wow you commented on my xanga. that means you actually had to log in and etc.

no i have been meaning to go to MoMA for the pixar exhibit, but just never got a chance to do so. They close so early on the weekdays, and weekends I am just turned off to come out. I picture lots of screaming kids.


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