Random assortment again...
The "Pi Pa" is a four-stringed Lute, one of the first Chinese instruments. Being that I'm so musically talentless you may be wondering why I would suddenly state that little factoid. Click here for an awesome Pi Pa performance ("Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major (K. 331) (300)" Third Movement: "Alla Turca" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) by an artist named Ting Ting. I just felt like Will Ferrell blacking out during his debate in Old School.

Check out these etched stainless steel playing cards. How much more destruction could Gambit do with these badboys? Instead of just exploding random things like plastic explosives, these could be his version of a gernade! Raining shrapnel on everyone.

The Forbes Fictional 15, a look at the top 15 wealthiest fictional characters. In essence, any list that contains Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne is a kick ass list in my book.

Two new FireFox extensions that will probably make it into daily use, Tab Preview and FoXpose. Mac users might be familiar with the idea of scaling everything into mini previews.

Finally I leave you with the letter Condoleezza Rice sent to the UK's foreign minister (at the time the UK was in its six month presidency rotation) arguing against the EU's rising role in controlling the internet. I like how we make friends with the other nations.

Avatar season finale was awe-freaking-some. If you had the choice of being an air bender, water bender, fire bender or earth bender, which discipline would you choose? I think I'd be a water bender, I'd take all the water out of a human and off them without breaking a sweat. =D

This thought has been crossing my mind lately. If the terrorists had not caused the destruction of the Twin Towers, and instead had somehow been able to murder the same amount of people (~3,000), would 9/11 still command the same amount of attention? I might just be an asshole, but without us losing something as iconic and physical as the two towers, I don't think so. Human lives, apparently people in power don't really care since we've lost over a thousand in the Iraq war, and well apparently it's too late to really pull out now without finishing the job. But when it comes to damage to our physical infrastructure, landmarks like the Twin Towers or the Pentagon, it commands more attention...