Mazinger Z 3-D Composite
As many of you know, I live in the past, there just doesn't seem to be anything right now that excites me as some of the old school cartoons (well except Avatar). Yes back during my innocent care free days, Mazinger Z, who could shoot his arms out was pretty cool. He had a female counterpart, Aphrodite A, that shot her boobs out like torpedoes. Isn't that freaking insane?

Our overly protective society would never let any cartoon get away with that today. I don't think I got to see many episodes. My source was a neighbor who also happened to work for my parents. Whenever he went to the Chinese video store to pick up his *cough, porn, cough* he would always grab something for me. And it was through him that I caught a couple of episodes of Mazinger Z.

So while I was scouring the web looking for material for the design blog, I came across this bitchin' 3-D composite. It's a beauty isn't it? Noticed the name on the bottom right and a quick Google search dug up the following forum thread. The 80's definitely rocked, and seeing as how this cartoon came out in the early 70's, I think I'll be shifting focus to that decade and see what other cool stuff it turns up (Air Supply was late 70's early 80's).

Americans just don't get it. I guess I'm shooting myself in the foot in stating that this show will bomb, but I don't see what would be so attractive about an American Top Gear series. No Clarkson, no Hammond, no May, that means no Top Gear in my book. I'll give it a try, but Discovery could just make everyone's life easier by airing the British version. No added expenses, and we the viewers won't need to go download it every week. The rest of the world is doing the same, why do we Americans have to be different?

On the recent Transit Strike developments, so this is how I see it. The judge threatens to jail the union leaders, and even though they haven't reached an agreement yet, they tell everyone to go back to work. Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? Who is really benefitting from the unions? The members or the leaders? Trash...

Weird dream, takes the entire IE vs. FireFox to another level. So in the dream, my father is part of a crime syndicate, and his people takes control of Chinatown and forces the police to install IE on some specific computer. I'm standing by him the entire time, but when I hear that the browser to be installed would be Microsoft's offering it didn't sit well with me. So I end up double crossing him, holding him hostage instead and forcing the cops to install FireFox. The cops refused to budge so I went into ninja mode, snuck into the room where the computer was housed and installed FireFox 1.5 on my own. What a geeky dream to have. Oh and in the middle of it, I did have time to stop by a restaurant and get a bowl of curry noodles to eat.
At 10:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an awesome dream! And one that only you could have. Merry Christmas

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mazinger Z (and Mazinkaiser) were quite the awesomeness. Kouji and his Breast Fire..... *sigh

Merry Christmas

At 7:56 PM, Blogger snootchy said...

wow you really need to get out and meet some women!


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