Friday > Froday
Woke up this morning feeling a bit... edgier than my usual conservative self. So with the morning ticking away I decided to leave my hair up, an idea I tossed around with Playskool previously. Taking the elevator up to the office, I realized today was Friday, so I ingeniously went with the theme Froday. Yes I'm awesome, you can high five me later.

Troll Doll, Don King, Buckwheat, scooter hair, electric shock hair were the various comments thrown my way. Fabrice (Fabric, Febreeze) even went through the trouble of scouring the net for images to contribute to my photo biography. Kim Jung Il eh? I guess he does have power... the hair bothered Nancy (Pham-bot, Post-Op) so much she grabbed a fork to 'redo' the hair. I think the full out fro look was a better look, but again, what do I know about having taste. Ah the things we do when Mark (Big & Tasty) is away.

In other news, updated travel time on blades between Chinatown and Rockefeller, 30 minutes.
At 11:57 PM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

i'm digg'n the fro, your co-workers have no taste for creativity and risk-taking.


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