A different commute
Interestingly enough, I'm not all that bothered by the transit strike. Sure, I have to walk a little further, and my commute is just that much longer but life could be worse. I got into work an hour late this morning, right before the market opened. Not that it really matters in my position. Terry and I walked over to the World Trade Center and took the Path train from there. We snaked through NJ and then back into Manhattan, if I had the foresight to take a look at the route, I would have walked straight to Christopher Street and taken the train straight from there.

Looking down the other side of Pell Street towards Mott.

Made a left onto Mott, the Church on the right is attached to the Transfiguration school. I took the entrance exam in third grade and was accepted, however my parents at the last minute decided to have my brother and me attend PS130.

That little red shack on the left used to have the BEST Hong Kong cakes. There used to be lines up the block and around waiting for her to cook those babies up. On a school trip during high school I served as translator between some NYU Journalism student and the cake lady. Can you believe her husband who worked as a cook in a nearby restaurant and her put their kids through college from the proceeds? Since they finished up and graduated I guess the lady retired. I sure miss those suckers.

Down the block, right by Columbus Park. Moon's still out.

Walking towards City Hall on Worth Street.

That would be City Hall.

News vans at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge. Mayor Bloomberg walked across this morning to get to work. The Red Cross was also on hand, handing out luke warm hot chocolate.

Looking at all the cameramen and news reporters, though the sun is in the way.

Walked past J&R, check out all the traffic!

Looking down towards what used to be the site of the Twin Towers.

The temporary Path Station.

Pretty trusses.

Path logo.

Got onto the first train, the tracks are so much cleaner and better lit than the regular subways. They also have these moving ads near the stations.

Exiting Herald Square. Nothing new to see...

Empire State Building, there was a huge line outside, I guess King Kong is making the building more popular again.

Right in the middle of Fifth Avenue, no traffic. Fifth and Madison were reserved for emergency vehicles and buses.

Can't see from this photo, but I never noticed this Lord & Taylor before. Looks like this was their first building!

And that is all...
At 12:45 AM, Blogger itsjane said...

i miss hong kong cakes lady too.

At 8:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was a very thorough walk through of your commute. good job, d.


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