Back to normal
Just when I'm used to doing without the subways, the members of the TWU return to work. Let's just say the only thing I'm irritated about is 1) dear members of the TWU, if you don't like your working conditions, go find another job, 2) dear members of the MTA, if you hadn't raised our fares to create that $1 billion surplus, you wouldn't have had this mess. Oh and dear the cops manning Penn Station, good job with putting the NJ Transit commuters with the poor souls forced to take the L.I. double R to Queens. Freaking made me miss my train the other day you nitwits. How hard is it to cordon off the LIRR area vs. the NJ Transit area? Of course you guys couldn't think of a solution for that so you just restricted access to Penn Station.

Great job really. Let's see, we've had 9/11, and the blackout (anything I'm missing?) in recent years, and this was the best they could do with the transit strike. I'm sure we are so very ready for another terrorist attack.

Rollerblading from Chinatown to Rockefeller is actually as fast or quicker than walking to Grand Street and taking the subway up. The only knock against it? Besides getting run over by cars and bikes, it would be the part where you arrive to work all sweaty. I felt disgusting, but I made do. And so the transit strike is over with and we can all get on with our lives.

Another observation, if you blade in the streets, keep your brakes on. I can't seem to stop as fast with a t-stop and it's murder on the life of your wheels. After tonight's trip back I'm pretty sure I'll have to dig up an allen key to swap the wheels.

BTW, what really happened to Suprnova (tear).

Corwin got two tickets to the Jets game on Monday, but I'll be away in Vermont. DAMNIT!

Julie saw Tiki Barber on Monday near 38th street dressed as an Elf. Or was it Santa?