My morning commute, for now...

Out the door and make a right, Confucius Plaza in your face. There used to be a cat roaming this particularly street, incredibly friendly. Haven't seen him for a month or two. I could sure use his help in cleansing the apartment.

Down the street and make a left, one block down and Manhattan Bridge on your right. Just to let you all know, this is the worst bridge to run over. Choose Williamsburg or Brooklyn instead. But this bridge does have the best gateway though.

Across Canal Street, new Commerce Bank dominates the corner.

Looking across Bowery, the only Chinese theater I knew of, now boarded up. My mother took me to a movie once. I don't remember which one it was, but because it was a one time deal, that memory is forever imprinted in my mind.

Down another block and cut a right on Grand Street. After picking us up from elementary school, my mother used to leave my brother and me in the car to watch for the cops (parking tickets) while she shopped for groceries on this block. In the car we had our late afternoon snack (see below).

This vendor used to be at the end of the block, when I was in elementary school I used to get 'churng fun' with fish balls from her. Chowed on that while waiting on my mother. It's now my breakfast in the mornings (see tomorrow's post).

Making a left at the end of the block, we head down the stairs to the B, D, station. I love it when I just happen to catch a train while I stampede down the stairs. Of course sometimes it's necessary to throw a few elbows or stiff arms. Extra points for hitting people in the face with my bag.

Broadway-Lafayette, West 4th, 32nd, 42nd, and then my destination. I prefer the standing spots right next to the end doors.

Concourse level of Rockefeller Center, I'll be walking through here more when the snow and rain starts coming down more frequently.

Ice skating in the early morning. Damn tourists.

Walking out of the concourse and down the block, crossing Fifth Avenue, and there you have it. My morning commute in a nutshell. When I move into Brooklyn I'll post again.
At 11:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NICE. :) i think everyone should post their morning commutes. itd be fun to see.

also, a very belated thanx for the death cab link. do u like them too?? if u do, u're awesome. if not, i'll have to think about that one. ;)

At 11:24 PM, Blogger itsjane said...

i can't wait for tomorrow's post. fish balls and all.

At 11:44 PM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

you need to make your commute more exciting. trip an old guy, steal a newspaper, something.

At 1:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so many great tracks run through my mind as i look at those shots. you should come up with a soundtrack (non-big hair band)..

At 10:40 AM, Blogger VTouch said...

ahhh memories ....


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