My Daily Intake
I promised Jane (who has since disappeared before Thanksgiving) this post a while back but failed to deliver. Below was my regular daily intake for a few weeks up until the day I promised Jane. The very next day, the breakfast lady disappeared, I got a few free lunches or didn't feel like eating lunch so I didn't have this salad until today. And as for dinner, they only open until 9pm, so whenever I work late I basically go home hungry. Not worth the extra 50 cents for no soup and less selection for the tofu and beef on rice from New York Noodletown. Though at times I do waiver and grab that dish, or a pound of roast pork past 9pm.

Fried pig skin and fish balls in some sweet peanutty sauce. Used to eat this as a kid. $2.

Unlimited topping salad from a block away. I bumped into my boss there today and he was 'jokingly' telling me to chill out with all the toppings. I believe my salad weighed twice as much as his. I like to think of it as meat with some greens. $6.99 plus tax. If anyone can tell me about some cheap places for food in midtown, I will buy you lunch.

This is freaking awesome. You walk in, pay $3 and bring the plate around and just point. The people behind the counter dump food into your tray (up to five items). Then when you go to get it wrapped, they give you a cup of soup. Quality of the food is actually very good, not buffet-quality.

BTW, Rockefeller Tree lighting is tomorrow at 9pm (Wednesday, 11/30/05).
At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have such a healthy diet d...now for that steak/hopkee. ready to pay up (beyotch??) why would you bet against manning? sucker! hahahaha.

At 6:34 AM, Blogger itsjane said...

finally i get to see your daily food intake. way to be healthy minus the fish balls in peanut sauce. btw, im back from the dead so lets do what j said and go hopkeeing again.


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