Music, sports, and furnishings...
Gogol Bordello, in what can only be explained as an extension of my obsession with Moulin Rouge, I immediately acquired their music after watching them perform on Conan this past week. It's weird, I'm still not sure about the music, but it's unique enough to make you 'hear' it. Maybe it was just the kickass handlebar moustache and their lively performance. Could have been Conan in disguise!

In sporting news, Rutgers football ensures first bowl berth since 1978, happy news indeed. Maybe NJ will become a football power house in the near future. We always had decent guys, but without a good collegiate team in our state all our stars always went out of state. Hell, even Livingston has been doing well the last couple of years.

The New Zealand All Blacks cap a golden season with grand slam. I can't find their final match against Scotland but their prior match with England is available as a well seeded torrent. Large files, almost a gig. It's not even widescreen, but the quality is very good. They included the national anthems (New Zealand's anthem sounds nice) and the haka which always gives you goose bumps, though the retired players seemed a bit more fearsome.

Finally got the replacement glass top for the Noguchi table in. There's a small chip on it, but compared to the condition of the previous table top, I'll take this. Now, the metal piece that holds the two pieces of the table bottom together? There's a problem with that (welded in the wrong position) so now I have to go request a replacement for that as well.