Lazer Park, BattleTech = butt loads of fun!
Yesterday after work, the members of Project Enthusiasm (I didn't come up with that name) at SASI attended our last event of the year. It was held at Lazer Park, and though it sounded okay, I wasn't really that hyped up about it. But I guess low expectations do yield some great results as it was the most fun (or funnest) event of the year!

We played four rounds of Laser Tag, which the Red team won (Christian, Rick and nine others including myself were on that team). Poor Mark and Corwin were on the other team. Christian and I sort of cheated (hence our high scores) by exploiting a pretty unbalanced point rewarding system. So if you guys ever go there to play, take note.

Killing someone (everyone gets 20 lives and 60 beams before they have to return to base to charge up) only yields 50 points. But shooting one of three pods in the back of the opponents base yields anywhere from 150 - 250 points. So what should you do? Ignore shooting at the opponents, just run up to their base and shoot the pod repeatedly until you run out of beams or they take out all 20 of your lives. Capiche?

After four rounds of complete domination by Red team, we all dispersed back into our own little party room and were given bags and bags of tokens for the various arcade games and whatchamacallit, those basketball shooting games, the skee ball games, etc. think Sports & Games / Funplex for those in Jersey. We played those games for the rest of the night including a couple of rounds of BattleTech.

To cap off the night, Arleen (IT Assistant) and I went up against Mark (my boss) and Kuan (programmer) in three rounds of pool/billiards. After we won the first game, I was going to put some vacation days down on the line but Mark suggested I didn't. And for good reason since they had no trouble winning the next two games.

And that's how I spent my Tuesday evening from 5:30pm - 10:00pm with SASI.
At 10:55 AM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

man, that sounds like a lot more fun that what we do as an office, which is just eat food and get drunk on wine.


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