Giants vs. Eagles

Did one of the linemen poke Manning in the eye? I haven't seen such poor decision making from him since last season. There are a few other receivers out there for you to throw to, not just Burress and his two - three defenders. Hell even the Eagles' backup quarterback is schooling him. Mike McMahon is a graduate of Rutgers too! Go RU! Actually no, please pull this one out, losing to two crappy teams in a row, you might as well forfeit the rest of the season. Writing off the first 1.5 quarters... GO! Every FREAKING TIME, why throw to Burress when he's doubled?

Welcome back Tyree! Coughlin, can you please just give the ball to Barber? The Jacobs we saw in the preseason is no longer in the house, stop giving him the ball.
At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The lost season continues...guess I'll take on Vick and the other birds as my surrogate team for the rest of the season.


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