Against the field of architecture
In my never ending quest to justify my escape from architecture below is a passage gleaned from a Star Ledger article on 11/18/05.

Work Plus Study Equals Co-op Education
by Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Mike Gasaway of St. Clairsville, Ohio, wanted to be an architect from the time he was a kid playing with Legos. But co-ops showed him how much architects had to compromise their design ideas to please their clients.

Then, in his third co-op rotation through the University of Cincinnati, he was assigned to revise some floor plans using computer-aided design. And he loved it.

"I realized, I don't think I'm into this architecture thing. I'm into animation, and making things move," said Gasaway, now a director at DNA Productions, a Dallas-based television and movie production company.

Gasaway credits the co-op experience for saving him from a career that would've made him miserable. "It's like a test: Are you sure you want to do this for the rest of your life?" he said.
At 6:16 PM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

haha, pretty interesting. i'd have to say that from my experience doing architecture and freelance work, the design should be beyond just 'pleasing the client'. the more i work and meet with new people, what a client wants isn't just a great design, but having the feeling that s/he was actually a part of it's process.

unfortunately the egos of architects get in the way of that, and most people feel that the input of a client is just background noise in the development of a project. "that client doesn't know anything they're talking about. i'll just make it look this way, cuz that's how i've always done it."

in the end, it becomes a one way project, and the client feels like he's doing nothing except funding it. when that happens they start to have the desire to reduce the costs and compromise the supplemental cuz they had no involvement in it whatsover. =P


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