Time to conclude my trip...
Well, my Asia trip has concluded, just finished packing up my suitcase. Tomorrow at 9am, I'll be departing the hotel with Bob and Roger to catch an 11:25am flight to Newark. Nancy "Ladyboy" and Fabrice "Fabric, Fabreeze" already left this afternoon to catch a flight to Australia.

The trip ended with a bang, a fantastic night beginning with a very successful and engaging presentation to our client's end-clients and ending with a gut busting dinner at Morton's. Just listening to Roger and Richard recount the previous two weeks left me in tears and short of breath trying to laugh and breathe at the same time on a full stomach. I'm exhausted, yet Roger and Bob who's been doing all the presentations is still going at full steam, even with the many late nights out while I relaxed in the hotel. Learned a lot about the company and the securities industry from the countless chats with Richard, Robert and co. Great trip overall, now to collect my thoughts and report to Mark.

Pictured are the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Saw the top three tallest skyscrapers in person during this trip. Taipei 101 followed by these twin towers. Hong Kong's Two International Finance building is listed as the 6th tallest but since the event in Hong Kong was ultimately cancelled, I didn't get a chance to visit. Anyhow, the Petronas Towers are a bit unique compared to the countless other skyscrapers out there in that it's curtain wall with it's countless extruded elements creates a much denser and busier look compared to the many sleek minimalist skyscrapers around the world. Oh and that sky bridge on the 41st and 42nd floor is unique as well.

Need some rest mentally, hope to share more after I gather my thoughts on the plane.
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ahh, the motherland


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