Singapore for a few days
Arrived in Singapore yesterday afternoon half an hour behind the rest of the crew. The Singapore airport is really efficient. The amount of time it took for me to exit the plane, grab my luggage and a cab was at the minimum half the time it took at the other airports.

Singapore's security is amazingly tight, I guess it's natural in a police-state. When I was checking in, they wouldn't give me the room numbers of the other members of the party so I had to have the operator connect me. In the elevator, you have to insert your digital key before the elevator will allow you to press the button for your floor. Since I can't go on any other floor, I had to ask the bellhop to get my laptop bag from Fabrice's room. One of the conference attendees left his cell phone and security wouldn't hand it over to me, he insisted that he had to hand it to the owner of the phone.

Heard from everyone the crazy night they had in Taipei after the event. Apparently Charlotte (client liason) drank them ALL under the table. They went to a club/lounge after the conference to celebrate, anyway, Charlotte can't be over a buck fifteen while Roger is probably close to 250 pounds. Fabrice, Nancy and Robert quit early on, probably at around 2am or 3am, but Richard and Roger stayed on, it's amazing Roger made it out the door for the their early flight. They old, but they can party hard and still trek on.

The event went fairly well, the only thing still eating at me is the fact that I didn't properly send off the journalists after they interviewed Bob. Both times I was doing something else away from where they were conducting the interviews. In addition the amount of food we had available... so much went to waste. But all in all, I'm very impressed with the Ritz-Carlton's setup.

I was supposed to get some other work done last night but ended up crashing right after the event. Woke up at around 5am and walked around trying to get some photos of the sunrise. But no, mother nature had other ideas. An ominous cloud hung over the downtown area the entire time I was out. Walked across the bridge and had some stall food near the pier. Food was okay, and cheap! On the way back I got caught in the rain and even slipped and fell on my ass coming down the stairs from the bridge. Saw it coming and even tried stopping myself, everything went in slow motion and I repeatedly made attempts to put an end to the fall but I just kept slipping down the stairs. Stupid Americans.

Right when I got back into my room, my role as Marketing's IT came into effect again. Nancy calls me up, tells me she's having problems getting into webmail, came to my room, no luck, then asked me to figure out how to get her phone card to work. After three attempts I finally figured it out and placed a call home to report in. Oh, I got a SIM card during breakfast so I have a local number here hehe. (65) 98949403. Now if only I had friends...

Have to make sure I have some durian before I head back to the states.
At 2:17 AM, Blogger Jake said...

Hey man, If I had a cell phone I would call you.... make sure you kick back some durian for me.


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