This is so sweet. I'm just salivating for some Winners right now. Citizens in Pittsburgh, please tell me they are still around. I heard some competition opened up across the street. Hoping they don't put our beloved hole in the ground out of business.

Ojingogo! It's the brilliant name of a comic strip by Matthew Forsythe and Vanessa Oguchi of the blog ComingUpForAir.net. From what I can tell, this whimsical comic strip features a girl and her pet squid (who knew they could be cute and cuddily and edible too!). There's also this Sponge Bob/Domo-kun looking character that sort of has his own parallel storyline running. All in all a very well done strip, too bad I can't read Korean.

At 2:41 AM, Blogger Jake said...

Yeah man, I have not been there since the last time we went...tried to take a girl there once but she refused forcing me to have to refuse her. Anyway, I might go check it out tommorow cause some squid sounds tasty right about now.


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