Need... to... sleep. COME ON ALREADY!
Went to bed at 4am after watching the season finale of this year's F1. Sorry Honda didn't finish Playskool. Team Sauber (partly sponsored by Credit Suisse) finished 6th and 10th. With BMW taking over the helm, I'm guessing the team name will be Team BMW-Petronas (Petronas based in Malaysia is the principal sponsor) next year. Credit-Suisse along with it's new branding come January 1st will continue to support the team through 2008 at the very least.

Woke up at 7am and I haven't been able to go back to bed. I'll need to stay up later today to catch as much football as possible so my plan right now is to induce food coma to help me get back to bed. So far, a banana, a plate of spinach, a chicken breast, a cup of milk and a whole lot of beef jerky (eating with chopsticks because I'm classy like that... anyone want to guess why I'm really using them?). My stomach kind of hurts now, but no food coma... yet. Any other ideas for inducing sleep? Going to roll around in bed now...

Gummi Bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere
High adventure that's beyond compare.
They are the Gummi Bears

Gummi Bears song stuck in my head. If you would like to take part as I sing myself to sleep with it, click here to download the .wav file. Boinga boinga boinga!

Update: Okay, FireFly was decent enough to keep me from falling asleep. So at this point, I'm just going to go on with my day... by the way, Blogger's post count finally works again. This is the 340th post which... hails from release 4 or 5. I forget. To compare loserness, what is your post count at?

As for FireFly, the concept is pretty sweet, Western tales in space. The dialogue, though it's not as bad as your Lucas fare, at moments can cause you to wince. At times I winced extra hard. All is forgiven when Inara comes on screen. Does she not look like Kristen Kreuk? Take a look at that photo... and also, this guy named Jayne, he looks like a tougher version of Ben Afflek (which isn't hard to do).

Update 2: Oh... my... %@*$)@ Eli, where are you looking when you throw those damn passes?! The defense can only do so much. Watched the first half at the Y, took half time to get home and I come back to a brilliant forced fumble, only to be followed by this horrific pass.

Update 3: The Giants beat themselves. Disgusting, guess us Northeast people can't handle the heat down in Texas. Even though it was 13 - 6, the game wasn't close at all. Just look at the stats.

Update 4: OMG OMG OMG, Eli stop playing with my emotions. Props to the defense for keeping us in the game. Manning, why couldn't you throw these passes all game? Burress, Shockey, nicely done! eProps for all of you!

Update 5: Well, we still lost in OT, but I'm a bit more satisfied with the effort shown in the end. Griesen, I said it last year at Giants Stadium, I love that guy and it's not just because he's the only white guy on the entire defense. He's a solid player, stays out of the spotlight, as they call him, he's a straight up blue collar player. Wish he could have ripped the ball for a fumble when he tackled the RB on the handoff. Oh well...
At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You went on a frenzy of posting goodness overnight didn't you. Race was a snoozer, I fell asleep with 20 laps left after JB's Honda kept losing places and Montoya messed up his car and gave Renault the Constructor's. What a boring race to end the season, especially after an amazing race in Suzuka last week. Did you know BMW's F1 head Mario Theissen took some management course at CMU?

Looking forward to watching next season on a 42"...hehe. Oooh and football, getting my fill for the week with the Steelers and Giants right now.

At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahha, football season is bad. No work can be done on the weekends because you have college football on Saturday and NFL on Sunday... *sigh* hahahahhaha

At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw- gummi bears was the best cartoon ever. period.

At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey darren, i love your new layout. good stuff!


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