LeTigre vs. Lacoste
LeTigre vs. Lacoste AdvertisementDon't know much about LeTigre, but I think it was some cheap American knockoff that JCPenny started to combat the old school French Lacoste. Lacoste has an interesting history (related to tennis) as detailed in this Wiki entry. But just based on this ad alone, I think I'll jump into the LeTigre camp. What a sick advertisement, plus Tigers (especially the cubs) are just way cuter than baby reptiles (turtles are different). In fact, a band even named themselves after the brand. From WOMO, "The band takes its name from the not-as-cool-as-Izod brand Le Tigre by retailer JC Penney, in a concerted effort not to be cool." Some other coverage on this ad here.

Oh and how about Nick Greisen, what a mighty fine showing last week eh? Broncos are gonna be tough foes this weekend. Hope blue-collar boy has a good weekend.
At 1:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sorry to break it to you, but turtles are not cute in any 'real life' form.

If you like Griesen, then keep on eye on the Broncos' awesome LB corp of Wilson/Gold/Mobley. They're fast as hell yet hit hard. There was this one game last year in the snow against the Raiders. The Raiders RB tried to jump over an o-lineman who tripped and fell. Al Wilson was there and it was like the RB hit a wall in the air, he just got repelled straight back. Man I need to find a clip of that, you'd love it.

At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

eh, I think it's like Izod and Lacoste is for old ppl and Le Tigre is for young ppl. They feel too much like an Abercrombie type thing so I think I'll stick w/ Izod and Lacoste and NOT jump on that bandwagon...

You need to start watching more college football. OSU LB's are INSANE.

At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's a better version of the ad (scanned from a magazine, not from a wheatpaste):



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