Jim the freaking Lee!!!
Jim Lee 10/14/05Say hello to Mr. Jim Lee! Left work at 5:45pm, got there at around 6pm and proceeded to wait on line in the pouring rain. Fortunately I was one of the last five guys allowed to stand on line and given red tickets. Red tickets meant we weren't guaranteed autographs, but it was worth a try. How often does the man hold small signings in New York City (I tend to avoid convention signings)? I wasn't sure if I was going to make this signing at all (had it penned in my calendar a month ago) so I had to ask the guys on line to hold my place while I went on a quick shopping spree in the store to get some things suitable for signing. Bumped into Joe's friend, Danny, who worked at Midtown Comics East, he offered to get one of the posters I just bought signed in case Jim didn't get to me.

Anyway, Jim and I were caught in mid-conversation for this photo and he was so tired and sick I didn't have the heart to make him stand around for another snapshot. I did stalk the man and his friend for a few blocks since we were heading in the same direction though (walked back to the office to drop off the signed posters, have to keep them safe!). What did we talk about while he signed my posters? Wrestling of course. Sagar was also in line a bit earlier than me and he apparently spoke to Jim about pre-med, medical school. That makes two Livingston alumns at one Jim Lee signing. We are so nerdy... actually, Sagar's worse than me since he put his photos together into a Wizard styled photo comic strip with captions. LOSER!

Jim Lee early 90sI had this photo hidden in the polybag and board of X-Men issue 1. I had Jim sign that bad boy back in the early 90s when I got to meet him at a Manhattan/Big Apple comic convention. I was counting on a date/time stamp but there was none available so I'm not sure when this photo was taken. Winter 1991? That would make me about 10 years old. Oh and damn, I was hot stuff back then. I think I was exhausted from standing on line hehe (the crossed eyes). Jim sure looks happy no? Well if you just made it into the record books for selling the most copies (7.5 million) of a single issue, you would be too! For comparison, I believe comics usually don't even hit 100,000 copies these days.

The two posters pictured are the ones I got signed. Going to get them framed and hung in the condo whenever I move in. At least I know now what I want to get signed in the future (the Superman poster to complement the Batman 608 poster). Why didn't I get any comics signed? Not as easy to display them, plus I have a box full of comics signed by Jim already =D.
At 8:38 AM, Blogger Sagar said...

hahah.. you bitch!! managed to call me a nerd and a loser. The former may be true, but c'mon... the latter is way off.

At 6:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHHAHAA... sagar!!!! so you finally saw your mentor huh!! but i guess sagar is a bigger fan than you dc... letdown

by the way... is jim lee shorter than you?? HAHA


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