Japanese Concepts

Wow wow wow, I haven't been this blown away by an autoshow since the mid 90s. I remember the first two NY Auto shows I went to towards the latter half of the 90s were amazing, stunning cars wherever you looked. Insane chotskies (especially Volkswagen's recycled car lights Bug pencil holder, made on the spot), and the general excitement in the air and press was contagious. Then everything went to hell. There was no magic, no glitz, no glamour. The NY Autoshow just lost all appeal. It felt like a giant sales lot.

The Tokyo Autoshow this year is a different story. Hour after hour, the news kept raising my eyebrows. There's a Japanese supercar war brewing and I'm loving it. Though this is on an entirely higher (as in much more expensive, most definitely out of reach) level compared to the Japanese sports coupe (pronounced as coo-pay just like the way them British gentlemen say it) war of the early 90s (Supra, 300ZX, RX-7, 3000GT, SVX, what else am I missing). Now most of the supercars offered by the Japanese companies are raising the level to the NSX price range.

Though I won't be owning one anytime soon, I'm satisfied with just eyeballing them for now. And eyeball I shall, starting off with Mitsubishi's offering. The company is dead in the water, they've sunk so low I'm surprised they are still in the American market. Then again their image back home isn't favorable either. Anyhow, their design team may be the only department pulling their weight. This new Concept X (the next EVO) is a looker, it gets much more bulkier compared to previous generations but it still looks tight and sexy. The side profile reminds me of the TL, the front grille shares some similarities with the new GT-R, love the aggressiveness of it. I'm not a big fan of long sloping roofs so the blunt nose is very welcomed. If I had the money to throw into a car in a couple of years, this may very well rank first on my list. I just wish I had more faith in the company.

Next, the Honda Sports 4 could very well be the next Acura TSX and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's very curvy, but maintains a muscular stance and the roof, hood line is sloped just enough. Very nice proportions. The Subaru B5-TPH concept doesn't deserve its own paragraph, I just hope that's not the look of the next Impreza. Maybe Toyota should lend them some of the Lexus designers who have been doing some pretty good work recently.

Which brings me to the Lexus LF-Sh, this design is years ahead of the current generation. Looks very nice and athletic with the engineering to back it up. V8 with AWD available, I hope I make enough money to purchase this for my parents when it finally makes its final debut.

Finally, the GT-R. I've been waiting for this car for YEARS and to finally see it, it's somewhat met my expectations but the other concept cars shown sort of took away some of its thunder. I love the rear lights and I see a lot of the design language from the R34. What I don't like is the sloping hood which looks like the Evo X, but it's not as muscular or as blunt. Regardless I still think this is an amazing car and can't wait to see it in the flesh!

Anyway that was my quick assessment, for those of you who missed it, the first two episodes of this season of Fifth Gear is out! In an hour long format too!

In other news... go Giants!
At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sign me up for a Sports 4. It's gotta be the 2008 TSX according to dimensions/engine/timeline...

At 4:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm I dun really like the lexus lines, makes me feel like they're grabbing something from the ugly PT cruiser.

I'm not sure about the move toward nicer lines, but smaller windows either. I think it would bother me a lot to not be able to see as much outta the windows...

of the ones you talk about I think my fav is the mitsubishi, it just looks pretty.


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