Farewell for the next two weeks.
Sitting in the corner of the British Airways Terrace lounge, I was excited upon entering, hoping to find a TV with the Giants game on. Hung up my garment bag, grabbed a glass of cranberry juice and a small sandwich and walked around only to find no TV's in the lounge other than the ones showing flight information. I guess it's too rowdy for these business / first class folks.

Anyway, sorry Jamie, should have started my day earlier, really wouldn't have mind seeing you before takeoff, kidding =T. Mike, thanks for the ride, especially with the small hangover you had. Since there's no TV, I've been sitting at this terminal reading the games play by play off of NFL.com (much like this past Monday's Giants vs. Chargers game). The Chargers are beating your precious Patriots. MUAHAHAH. Half time right now for the Giants and Rams (27-17). Where is the running game?!

Stuffed my face with a bunch of junk food they had lying around. Haven't gone for the Cup Noodles yet, but I'm considering just for old times sake. Used to eat this stuff all the time during my summer school days on Hester Street.

It's nice sitting around collecting my thoughts, especially after the past two weeks of whirlwind activity. In the midst of stuffing all the presentations into my suitcase (thanks Mike for waiting so patiently), I forgot to grab my laptop's power cord so hence my usage of the terminal. Keeping a tally to see what other items I forgot to pack. My first day in Taipei will be free so I'll be roaming the streets, going to check out Taipei 101, find an electronic store to buy a power cord and that's about all I have on my to do list for now.

Ah, half time is over, looks like Giants may have a nice defensive stop here. Damnit nevermind, Bulger completed an 8 yard pass. Oh... nice stop for the Giants in the red zone. Damn the Chargers are really taking it to the Patriots. Guess the dynasty is OVER!

Almost boarding time for flight #831, see you all on the other side. All the best, ciao, kind regards, peace, later, over and out. Let me know if you need anything from Asia, I have plenty of room in my suitcase (once I get rid of these heavy presentations).
At 5:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait, asia? what? when? cool... have so much fun, i'd love a shot glass if you remember/can fit it. don't worry, i'll return the gift by sending you something from peru. like a llama.

At 12:35 AM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

have a safe trip bud. next time toss me in a large suitcase and take me with you. i'm starting to get the urge to leave this country again.

At 2:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can come visit me in peru, tomo. i'll teach you some espanol.


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