Back in the thick of things!
Been back in the states for a few days and I was almost done adjusting my biological clock until last night. Got back to the apartment at around 4am (didn't think it was worth it to trek it home back to Jersey) and proceeded to finish up my playoff run in Madden '06. Whooped the Packers in the NFC title game then proceeded to demolish the Patriots in the Superbowl. That's right people, I went undefeated with my Giants. The closest game I had was against the Raiders (surprisngly). Time to turn the difficulty up to All-Madden and do it again. Looking at you Tom! Anyway, I went to bed at around 6am and some stupid Lion Dance and Drums troupe woke me up a mere two or three hours later. Two stores opened up on the street, not sure which one I should throw a rock through the window at.

This afternoon, I checked out the DigitalLife event with Mike and Joe, not worth it people. For those thinking about going tomorrow, it's not even worth the free admission (promotion code: ZDFRIEND) but if you are in the area I suppose you could do a 'walk through'. Phillips, Pioneer, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony all not present. Apparently these brands have no place in anyone's 'digital' life. Spent most of my time watching the USC at Notre Dame game. How crazy was that game? Hell, this weekend was crazy, wish I had stayed home to watch all the games. PSU and FSU both had their first lost of the season, Ohio State beat Michigan State (thankfully)... let's hope the NFL doesn't disappoint tomorrow!

Back to the original purpose of this post, to conclude the Asia trip. To sum it up: pure gluttony and being spoiled by SASI and the airlines. Also came to the realization that globalization has made extinct the deals I was used to getting just a few years ago. For lower tier products like cables and adapters they are slightly cheaper than the packaged items you buy out here, but for some of the higher end products like digital cameras, MP3 players and games, the prices reflect those of the States, minus the tax. As for vacation spots, I'm kind of glad that I didn't go on the Cathay Pacific Asia Pass trip, Asia used to be great for buying cheap electronics, not anymore, and as a vacation spot, I'm sure there's plenty of beaches and other places to relax but for places of interest, it's absent here. I saw the three tallest skyscrapers in the world on my trip aside from that there really wasn't anything else to check out. But again, the trip was worth it for the food alone and for the time spent with coworkers away from work. Better than any orientation, a few of the more seasoned SASI employees fed me a lot of information regarding the company and where individuals came from. That short history on our website is far from complete. Hope to change that with the revamp. In addition, from all the conversations we had, I got a better sense of where our company stands and where we are headed. More to write about, but nothing is coming to mind right now. Too many upsets today to wrap my head around.

Oh, saw a blue Skyline GT-R r34 on the road in Singapore. I was so stunned I failed to take my camera out...