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The most badass villain in Spider-Man's rogues gallery, Venom, will be making a big appearance in the upcoming movie. Also included will be Sandman. For those not in the know, this is every fanboy's dream. There is no one that poses a bigger threat than Venom, nor is there any other villain that has such a close personal relationship with Parker. Now, as for the casting blunders. I guess we can all stomach Thomas Haden Church as Sandman, and James Franco, we already wept enough times for that particular character. But Topher Grace as Venom? What were they smoking? Eddie Brock (Venom's alter ego) is supposed to be this huge blonde guy with a crew cut. Topher Grace doesn't exactly make you quake with fear. Sure he's a decent actor, but how about I suggest Howie Long as Venom! You know, the guy from the Radioshack commercials, he's an NFL commentator and ex-Raider (%*@$)* beast). He starred in the film Firestorm after making a cameo in Broken Arrow, so he's not new to acting... kinda.

Shipei, spent a few months post graduatation working as an extra in the film Annapolis. Until the film is released we won't know how much footage of her remained in the final cut. But you do get to see the back of her in the trailer, near the beginning of the film as they are walking through the gates, you'll see her with a blue duffel bag. Film looks better than I expected it to be.

To all the Carnegie Mellon alumns, looks as though your beloved email program Mulberry just got axed. Never understood what the draw was, I just thought nobody knew better since this was the program used when most students took the required computer skills workshop.

Funny video of some guy doing a mime song sent by Tomo. This was the crap we used to do back in first year in the wee hours of studio.

Google and Fox teamed up to offer the first episode of Chris Rock's new show as a video stream. The servers must be robust, or the compression scheme must CPU intensive because I watched the entire show with barely a hiccup.

Forgot who sent this to me, but here's Jamie Foxx serenading to one of the Williams sisters.
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How bout hot chocolate as venom.... no how bout tomo as venom.


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