Smattering of links... it's overwhelming!
Time for another random assortment of links. I was planning to really do some personal blogging this weekend as there were numerous happenings to write about. However the posts would have been worthless without the photos I took. Until I'm able to get the photos off my camera (left the cable at work), I'll be holding off on those entries.

Walking back home from the bus stop, it felt like Autumn had hit suddenly. Was away from Jersey for almost two weeks and I see an abundance of falling leaves on the ground. Probably because of the rain, but still, it felt like a lot compared to the streets of New York. Let's get into the cold weather quickly shall we? I think I've had enough of this heat.

Giants - As for Monday's game, "17,000 Tickets Still Available for the Giants-Saints Game: The Giants sold approximately 3,000 tickets yesterday, leaving roughly 17,000 tickets available for the Giants-Saints game on Monday night." If the price for a ticket drops to less than $40, I'm so in... will be keeping an eye on this Monday. List of injured players: Michael Strahan, Kareem McKenzie, Barrett Green, Jamaar Taylor, Jeremy Shockey, Will Peterson and Corey Webster. Okay, this is a bad way to start the season no? In other news, Giants reach an agreement with Xanadu partners, stadium renderings are so very lackluster.

Ladder theory - This guy's writing is hilarious. I'd quote him, but I don't want to ruin it for you all. Just look out for the lines that end every paragraph. What the hell is this site about you ask? It's some insight into the mind of females, something all of us need a 12-unit course on. Freaking women... can't ever understand them. Really. And as for my view on the Man's Ladder. Since I'm alcohol-less, I'm missing the bottom 2/3's of my ladder. In other words, I'll never, ever get any love as everyone will be a reach for me. [Jane, via J]

Tongue-eating bug found in fish - This made my day on Friday morning when I came across it. So gross, especially the fact that his two little eyes are peeping out of the mouth. Shudder. So gross, he gets top billing for this post (as in the first photo).

Bill Gates goes to College - For the cult followers of Napoleon Dynamite, a really crappy recording of a skit Bill Gates did with Napoleon at PDC 2005. Considering the mass defections at Microsoft recently, perhaps Bill should make better use of his time building morale.

DIY HP Photo commercial - Love the HP Photo commercials. This kid has the video editing skills to emulate them, but the setting is poorly lit, poorly designed and I can pull off way better faces than him. But in the end, he can still kick my ass in video editing.

Rain shower - I was originally going to dedicate an entire post to this Rain Shower system. It's intense, but oh how I wish I had the room and money for something like this. However that was yesterday when I was looking all over for it for a few hours. ApartmentTherapy's search function is pure crap.

Yahoo! Instant Search - Though Yahoo! is pretty much dead in my book for giving up journalist to the Chinese government. As wack as it is, here's a preview of something they've been working on, instant searches. Concept is okay, execution still needs to be worked on. I was hoping it would flash the entire search results, but it's like Google's I'm feeling lucky button, they only return on result. Their Yahoo! Mail beta is looking good though, hope others will emulate the interface since I don't use Yahoo! Mail.

Bad table - Whereas people fret as to what coffee table book to display, I think I'm developing a crush on coffee tables. I've been coming across so many tables I'm itching to own. When I win my megamillions, I'll set up a museum/mansion dedicated to displaying coffee tables. Each room will be named after a table, with decor to match.

He-Man does 4-non-blondes - It's a music video people, very work safe but still troubling.

Blaster - The underappreciated autobot counterpart to the insanely awesome Soundwave.

Fuck everything, we're doing five blades - I don't use manual razors, so Gilette's recent announcement doesn't affect me much. But this Onion article from a year ago is ridiculously funny. All attitude.

Own your TV, PVR - This is really for myself, for the impending apartment move, it would be a disservice to not have some type of time-shift and hell even location shift service for our media box. Set on SageTV for now, but an abundance of information for us to really take in as the day draws near.

Flying Mobulas - Apologizing for the gross representation of sea life above, here's something to make up for it. Whenever something takes flight, it usually looks beautiful... stealth bomber.

Content management systems, Mambo > Joomla, Gallery 2.0, it's a bit overwhelming. After seeing some sites in action with Drupal, I wonder if I chose the right CMS with Mambo which is pretty much Joomla now. What a bunch of terrible names, listen people, it might have worked for Yahoo! and Google to build their brand using unique names, but Mambo? Joomla? Drupal? Wtf? Hehe, but open source rocks though... new Joomla logo competition has been narrowed down to five finalists. I voted for the fish. Anyone use any of the JSP opensource CMS' mentioned in the first link? I need to decide on one later in the year for SASI.

Potter trailer - Last but not least, the upcoming Harry Potter film looks FREAKING SWEET. I was but a recent convert to the series and these films are amazing adaptations. This next movie, truly epic.

Preview of a future post: camel hump food, Pirate day.