Music, Burton, the Onion and a stuck pixel
Hot damn, [J] has some Photoshop skills. Very clean Jammer, very clean. Mentioned Brody today. Proud?

And of course this older tag team by Mike and Jane. I want to take a real life photo of all of us in these positions... right I guess I would sit in my chair... or on top of Mike. Muahahahah.

Some Many have told me that I have no taste in music. Others have told me I have no taste in movies. At this point I just think I have no taste altogether. So don't ask me for music suggestions, but you can ask Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard. In the recent Wired issue he tells us where he clicks to hear cool music. If you are too lazy to hop on over to Wired, he links to music.for-robots.com, soul-sides.com and saidthegramophone.com. You may also want to check out FWMJ. Let me know if any of these audioblogs are good, since even if they are, it would be falling on deaf ears (mine).

Time to make a trip to SOHO again. Burton just opened a new store on 106 Spring Street this Monday. On an extremely hot day, it may even be worth it to trek down there since they have an 8-by-10-foot walk-in freezer kept at 20 degrees Fahrenheit to allow customers to test gear in simulated winter conditions. How much will it cost to replicate that for my room?

I think this is my first time getting quoted, not by a publication but by a website. Yessiree, when I'm rich and famous I'll be sure to remember all you bastid's. Kidding, no big deal. A writer for Publish.com interviewed me because of the design post on the Onion I wrote. You can find the article by Jason Boog here. Actually, I did get quoted in the past by the school newspaper, but misinterpretations of what I stated landed me in a mess with our sister sorority. Heh.

ARGH, ThinkPad you are killing me. First that dead system board, now a stuck pixel. After a year of ownership and a pixel decides to give up on me. Oh yes, it's there alright almost in the middle of the damn screen. It was black at first, I then tried massaging it and running the PSP's color flashing video through it. It became white for a while, now back to black. Previously, stuck pixels have been red, this is the first b&w one I've seen. Let's hope with some more massaging and color flashing it'll 'unstick' itself.
At 1:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

(killer post)
neville freaking brody man!
we def should do the photo in your cubicle, just so we can get mike in that position and jane to kimchee squat next to the printer. hahahaha!

At 2:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

also, 3 gold stars for the audioblog posts.
checkout morrmusic.com, for other awesome audioblogs (ben is also affiliated with this site).

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