Ho-hum post, my apologies
Colour Lovers is a site for... you guessed it, color lovers. I'm an idiot when it comes to colors so I'll be relying on this site for their user submitted colors and more importantly, the color palettes.

Another plug for an oldie but a goodie, the Citroen commercial gets remade with your favorite breakfast food. Breakfast pizza. Kidding, it's for Danish Bacon. Pretty cool, but it's getting old.

Some really great photos are available at photographer Steffen Jahn's site. I especially like the aerospace ones. Go check it out for yourself.

Ads targeted to the manicurist in all of us. Strong fingernails.

Kay messaged me this past week and asked me whether or not I wrote for the Heel Press. The hell is the Heel I asked. Well I went into Inspector Gadget mode and did a little digging. There is YET another Darren Chan out on the West Coast. That brings the current tally to 3 including me. Yes it's hard for me to digest, I'm not unique... I'm just one of three (based on name anyway). So as many of you already know, the other Darren Chan out in SoCal is a Lambda too, a few years older than me, he served as National VP and is now on the Board of Directors. He also owns www.darrenchan.com and beat me to the punch for darrenchan@gmail.com because he has friends working at Google.

This other Darren Chan... yeah. Don't really want to talk about him. He has something against FOBs and mouths off without doing his homework. Hardee/Carl's Jr. they are owned by the SAME company you idiot...

Moving on... (freaking imposter), anyway, Free 411 anyone? You just have to sit through a 10 second ad. Worth a try if you are in a jam.

Office Slang, brought to my attention by Tomo. Hehe I really like CGI-Joe, I'll start calling some of the guys downstairs that. Mike's a Body Nazi, and yes, my square-headed spouse. Wonder if any of these made it to those Wired words.

Gorgeous CGI, it probably made its way all over the web, but since I'm not a MGS fan, I never bothered to check it out until my little cousin Kevin sent it over to me.

For my old studio-mates, an old professor, now in the south gets mentioned in Air Bag Industries. Bruce Linsey of Rural Studio.

No I will not be the 40 year old virgin as many of you have suggested. This guy totally beat me to the punch.

For the web developers, check out this amazing collection of links (plug for CSS.weblogsinc.com).

What a lackluster post... sorry my mind is occupied.
At 10:57 PM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

oh man... you can so take on 'imposter darren'. he can't be anymore than 5'2" 110. you know what? if you can coerce him into fighting you for the right to the name "darren chan", i'll pay for a ticket for him to come here.

At 3:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

not lackluster. such THE FUN!
sorry about the other darren; don't worry though, at least you have good taste in music...oh wait. you don't. aaaahahahaahaha!
but seriously, i was getting really sick of that bachelor pad-ish apartment picture. kudos for the link packed post.


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