Avast, me hearties!
Operations recently celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day. They had the entire floor decked out with fake parrots, skeletons, treasure chests, and more. Everyone wore eye patches, bandannas, Pirate hats and some people went and got totally dressed up like pirates (see the two people in the background). Especially the senior management guys, they went all out decked from head to toe. Anyway, in addition to just the props they pretty much fed everyone the whole day. What you see there is breakfast. Not very pirate-y, but I'm not complaining. First time I ever had breakfast pizza and it was oh so good... it almost stopped my heart. Lunch was a catered buffet, I think I ate about four full plates of meat. MMMmmmmmmmMMMmmm.

Anyway all this Pirate talk brings to mind this funny WoW transcript.