WildC.A.T.s Volume 4 (Jim Lee's on board!)
Since the Image comics days, many fans including myself have forgotten the true superstars of the industry, the characters themselves. I'm not saying the creative team shouldn't get the recognition that is due, but there's so much turnover now you constantly have the characters 'rebooted' whenever a new team comes on board. A total disservice to these great icons, and for recently introduced characters, they never get a chance to fully develop since every creative team does a different take on them.

With the recent announcement that Jim Lee will be returning to his first Image Comics creation, WildC.A.T.s, along with celebrated writer Grant Morrison I'm excited and disappointed at the same time. This means Joe Casey and Dustin Nguyen will never have their chance at wrapping up their critically acclaimed but commercially lackluster Volume 3 series. A major disappointment, I hope Morrison does service to it when he starts up Volume 4.

The only reason I ever picked up WildCATs was because Jim Lee and to a certain extent, Brandon Choi was on it. Once Jim stopped drawing, I stopped buying. Volume 2 came around and I picked up a few titles because of Travis Charest. Too bad he was so slow with his work. Throughout the first two volumes, the characters didn't really matter. They never developed into anything but the usual knockoffs of the X-Men molds with some Sci-Fi lore injected into them. That was until Volume 3 came out and made me reread Volume 2 in a different light.

Casey's writing in Volume 3 changed all that for me. Not only did these characters develop into truly unique heroes, Volume 3 single handedly brought me back into the comics fold. Not even Jim Lee's return in the Batman Hush line got me that excited. After picking up the series midway, I went back and bought all the monthlies as well as the trade paperbacks. True, the series is a better read as a collection rather than a monthly, but regardless, the characters really began to stand out in this series. I still miss reading it...

Morrison, I have a lot of faith in you, just please respect Casey's storyline and direction. And as for Jim, he stated he'll be pushing the style in this upcoming volume. He's been pretty successful with his 'Sin-City' and watercolor styles, I'm excited for what he will be coming up with.
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it's kinda scary how i know what u're talking about.

it's all terry's fault! :P

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Never one to read comics for the story, I think I stopped buying WildCATS when Jim Lee started sucking. It was really weird, I think around the mid-teen issues his art just went completely 'off'.

Did you ever notice how replacement artists intially mimicked the original artist. Like when Charest took over for Lee, I was amazed how close he was. And even closer was Capullo for McFarlane on Spawn. But then in hindsight, they were nothing alike. So did they intentionally do it, or was it all in my mind? hmmm

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subscribed to your rssfeed but apparently i cant access it from work, any idea how to get around that??


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