SASI Soldiers
A set of LCD monitor stands taken off of some Dell 17". The LCDs themselves were mounted on arms creating a bank of 8 LCD screens, the four Dells were placed in a row on top. IT was going to throw out the stands, but I decided to build my own little army. Darrenchandore's Army, that's right the DA group. With them, I'll take over the world.

Saw the faces in these a month or so ago, but was inspired to take a photo of them after coming across this Flickr set, FACES.

And how about them Lions? What a horrendous game last night for them. Their offensive line was so awful I almost made a comparison to the Giant's O-Line of the past few years. As the game progressed I realized the Lion's O-Line is SO MUCH WORST than what I had to suffer through. Poor poor fans. For any Giants fan that has $15,000 to spare let me know. That buys you a suite at one game. Enough room for 22 people, food and beverages not included. Oh and you get four parking spots for that particular game.