Mini Cooper Convertible billboard.
Mini Cooper Convertible billboardSpotted outside the Holland Tunnel on the Manhattan side, a billboard for the Mini Cooper Convertible. So the message of the advertisement? It's a convertible; anything else I'm missing here? Though it's unique, not a great concept. Someone fill me in here.

Reminds me of that old David Hasselhoff show, Knight Rider. His car, KIT, had this sunroof where he would always jump out of buildings and amazingly land in his driver's seat. I wonder what type of angle he took to fall through a sunroof set in the middle of the roof and be able to fall into his seat which was obviously not situated in the middle of the car.

Oh... DUMBO = down under Manhattan Bridge overpass. Was watching some PBS show on Brooklyn today. Also, another tidbit gleaned from the show, the organ was introduced to replace orchestras in theaters. I don't know whether or not I understood it correctly, but are there actually instruments within an organ? They showed a piano elsewhere being played when the musician was playing the organ and also another shot of a drum set being played as well.
At 2:06 PM, Blogger Jake said...

That concern about the angle is a legitimate point... however Kitt(knight industries two thousand) was a t- top firebird.... if you go to this link:


you can kind of see the roof structure of the ttop design that would enable the nearly impossible be just as impossible. I love that show. TURBO BOOST!!!!!!!! BEEOTCH


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