Giants FieldSide Tickets @ $5,000 a pop (for the season!)

I can't believe I'm still functioning in this heat (high temperatures turn me into a little girl, yes damnit I'm crying about it). Anyhow I genuinely got excited when I came across this email. Giants FieldSide Membership seats. You get the following for $5,000 a season per seat (pre and regular season, post season costs extra).
So let's see, 10 home games counting preseason games. $500 a game. Let's say you would have paid $20 a meal (probably worth a lot more than that). That's $40 right there, also another $20 for parking (actually around $50 for reserved parking right?). So in essence I'm paying about $410 for a front row seat. If I could make EVERY game, this is a freaking STEAL.

Okay so the question is, do I have $5,000 to throw around like this. Why this would be almost half a year's worth of rent. Then again, I'm not paying anything for rent just yet... Right now I can resist, but when the season is in full swing I'll be cursing at myself for not pouncing on this opportunity. If anyone wants me to forward them the email, let me know...

Damnit Corwin, why couldn't you be a Giants season ticket holder. For now... this will do. And of course a shout out to Ms. Cathy Oh and her boss at Bravo for hooking me up with those kick ass seats last year.

By the way, for all you people always asking me for torrent sites, if my list doesn't satisfy you, here's a more indepth list.