Flaming Leona
Yesterday on a whim I decided to join Nancy and Pedro for lunch. Went to Variety Cafe (Korean owned) and bought my usual 1.75 pounds of meat and mushrooms for lunch. A hefty $11 for lunch on average but the food is damn good.

Anyway instead of eating in front of the computer as I usually do, Pedro suggested that we go sit on the steps of St. Patrick's Cathedral. Three minutes into my meal, we saw a MB S500 limousine pull to a stop in front of Saks Fifth Avenue. Smoke was coming out of the hood and though we saw the driver make a hasty exit, we never saw the passengers leave. Turns out the passenger was Leona Helmsley, the Queen of Mean as she is known in most circles. I have no idea who she is but Pedro insisted that she was famous. That coming from a guy who doesn't know what the Transformers are. Only the most freaking awesomest toys EVER! Showing his age...

We sat and watched the entire thing go up in flames, it wasn't as dramatic as the van I saw in Chelsea, but the front tires did pop before the firefighters arrived. This morning Pedro gave me the NYPost clipping of the incident. Luckily they had it online or I would have had nothing to write about. That makes two cars that went up in flames in a matter of two months.