Deluxe Talking Stewie, all attitude!

"I offer you the opportunity to join me in glorious battle"

Was in the St. Marks area earlier today for a small CMU Archy reunion. With about 15 or so minutes to spare before dinner, I pressured everyone to take a quick trip to Toy Tokyo. Their selection of Transformers toys have really dwindled but in the back corner I did catch a glimpse of this AWESOME talking Stewie. Look at the body posture, and the expression! It's perfect, so much better than the plush dolls. The only problem was the voice box, it was so muffled and low, Emily and I couldn't hear a thing. I need someone to help me refrain from throwing money at these useless objects. First the Potato Heads (which I still haven't picked up yet) and now this. Do I see a trip to Toys'R'Us in the near future?
At 4:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i need to get me one of those! and i dig your taste in furniture.


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