A Cinderella story, and it smells.
This story is a bit crude but it really cracked me up last night so I'll share. At around 11pm, I was crossing the street to Rockefeller on my way to the subway. In the middle of crossing the street I heard pressurized liquid hitting the pavement so I turned my head and at the opposite corner was a scene right out of the pages of Cinderella. Well not quite obviously, you may be wondering where exactly the pressurized liquid fits in with the Cinderella story.

There standing by a bus stop was a lady in a dress and apparently a horse drawn carriage had pulled up almost next to her and stopped. To do what? No not to pick her up but to empty his bladder. Now I never saw a horse take a leak before but it's nothing like you and I. We sometimes get splashback from the urinals but that's nothing compared to this horse and the pavement. No sir, this horse was all about making the pit stop quick, so he was forcing the piss out like a fire hose. I was across the street and even I was fearful of the splash. Poor lady, I really think she might have gotten hit because she didn't back up at first. I don't know how long the horse's pit stop was, but it lasted the duration of me crossing 5th Avenue and more.

Just now as I walked back to the office from lunch I could still smell the salty air ;T.
At 12:24 AM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

yea, them horses are nuts. i used to go horseback riding upstate. it's like a giant faucent. you should seem them drop a duece, it comes out in shovel-loads in rapid succession.


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