Selfish thoughts... no other way to put it.
Earlier in the evening, I had planned on heading to bed a tad earlier than usual so I could take a nice morning bike ride before work. That of course failed. With the ever present family drama I can't seem to fathom why my mother questions my motivation for staying away from home. If it's not me, it's my sister. If it's not my sister, it's my father. The only person that seems to be able to keep everyone on point and happy is my brother. No family is perfect, but looking back I can't think of many high points. The path we travel seems to be a sterile one, it takes dips here and there whenever there are disagreements but the peaks are far and few. Our family has always been one of roles, we all had our positions and responsibilities and we interacted enough to keep it moving along. The sad thing is, that's how I still feel and from my father's and sister's actions, they do as well. The only two that seems to want to inject any sense of family into this mechanism has been my mother and brother.

Anyhow, enough of the complaints. Perhaps now that I've gotten that off my chest I can finally get some sleep. The original point of this post was to point out to myself how lucky I should feel for the life that I have, but obviously that still hasn't sunken in yet. With all the hell being raised in London and Iraq, I'm still sitting on my ass bitching and moaning about this comfortable life of mine. So the reason for making this public? I need a reality check. Feel free to remind me about the life I live and maybe in time I'll have the discipline to change.

So back to the original point. Bike riding. This past weekend I had an amazing time riding with Mike around Boston. Brought back the old days of the crew following him through Jersey on our BMX bikes. Only this time around I was out of shape and having a tough time following him up the hills. Running over that pothole wasn't very beneficial to my shoulder either. Somewhat ironic that I pop my rear tire before getting to the Charles River (see photo), our original intended loop. In any case I did have a nice ride exploring the other side of Boston I was never exposed to before. With the recent tragedies that occured in London, citizens have been flocking to the bicycle shops to replace their dependency on the tube. To the unfortunate souls, RIP. And that... was the original point of this post.