Looking forward to 07.04.07
Pardon me while I put my life on hold for the next few years. The opening date for DreamWorks' Transformers movie has been set at 7.4.07. The movie will be directed by Michael Bay and Spielberg will be executive producer. In this Yahoo! News article that begins with the line "Optimus Prime has a prime release date: The Fourth of July" they poke fun at the Transformers movie of 1986. How dare they! That movie was a masterpiece, from Optimus Prime's gut-wrenching death to the overly awesome sound track (You got the touch! You got the poooowweeeerrr!) what was there to hate about it?

The movie's website is already up, check it out here. I really hope the script pulls through. I have faith in their CGI abilities, if they can pull it off to the same level as the Citroen commercial it'll be a home run. I wouldn't mind if they updated some of them too! Soundwave? He certainly should move away from the 'walkman' alternate mode. According to the website, Prime's license plate got snatched hehe. Reminds me the year we went to the NY Auto Show and snatched all the Honda license plates. Still have the Accord and Prelude one on my bookshelf. Will Honda ever release a new Prelude? Since the NSX is getting overhauled, why not reintroduce the Prelude? Is the Accord coupe really cutting it?
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A post of much geeky goodness. To marry the Honda-Transformers themes, I am waiting any day now for that Prowl RSX cop Alternator to hit store shelves. I think I heard July/August.

Here's hoping Honda puts a V8 in the NSX. The Honda engineering fanboy in me says "who cares?" But the business side of me says, you can't have a V6 in your halo car, or the flagship RL for that matter. You have a dominant IRL V8 and the most powerful V10 in F1. Use that know how dammit!


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