Digital Crack! (PSP + Lumines)

My boss peer pressured me into purchasing a PSP. After several days of intense competition between Corwin, Christine, Christian and I, they finally managed to knock me out of the top slot in Lumines. Soon after Christian got involved, he went ahead and purchased a PSP of his own. And as of today, I am the third member in our little group to own a PSP.

Got this pretty sweet deal off of eBay. Won it on Friday ($295.44 after a $15 coupon), it was shipped Monday from Texas and got it in the morning today. Of course we couldn't go head to head in Lumines because Christian jacked Corwin's copy of Lumines and called in sick. All good, they'll just have to wait till tomorrow for me to kick their butts. I think I'm back on top now with a 80k 95k 122k 128k 261k score. Apparently Ridge Racer supports up to 8 players, so Corwin and I will get getting that game soon (Christian already has a copy). Going to see if I can sell off NBA, Spider-Man 2 and Tony Hawk Underground 2. Anyone want to buy them off me or trade? I could also use a 1 gig memory stick duo.

I had originally planned on purchasing the PSP later in the year after Gran Turismo made its debut (and after the underground PSP culture matured) but Lumines is very addicting.

Update: $295.44 - $65 (traded in Tony Hawk, Spider-Man 2 and NBA) = $230.44 + $30.98 for Ridge Racer. $261.42 (Lumines, Twisted Metal, Ridge Racer, Spider-Man 2 movie, Accessories). Gotta keep track of the resulting deal...
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Unrelated: Voltron movie with soundtrack by Pharrell?!

You and your Lumines DC...


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