All-Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder
Returning to happier times, two of the more influential figureheads in the comic industry have teamed up for a mini project, set to debut tomorrow. All-Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder is written by Frank Miller and drawn by Jim Lee. As you all know, Mr. Lee has been my favorite artist for quite some time now. Since the late 80's/early 90's in fact. Though I've started to lean towards other artists with different strengths, I'll always have an appreciation for Jim's hyper-realism. His loose water color work in the Hush storyline was also very impressive.

Frank Miller on the other hand is a master of both the written word and visual storytelling. Though his artwork isn't as polished as Jim's, he has a great sense of layout, using that and shadows to great effect. His Dark Knight Returns remains one of the best Batman stories ever told. Unofficially, this new series could be considered as Miller's Batman: Year Two, a follow up to his equally great Batman: Year One (for all you movie goers who appreciated Batman Begins, you have this mini series to thank).

Interested in amping yourself up for the debut issue? Interviews regarding the mini-series can be found on Newsarama. Jim Lee's interview can be found here, while Frank Miller's can be found here. Through all this though, I'm still not a fan of the Robin character. I understand why he's needed and what he's meant to do, but that costume... just not right.

Don't look for a wisecracking sidekick this time around. The first issue ends with Batman telling a scared 12-year-old Grayson: "You've just been drafted into a war."